Tuesday, November 29, 2011


tomorrow is emmas birthday.

im almost lost for words at what else to say.

at bedtime tonight georgie was asleep in my arms from exhaustion. she had played and kept him awake all of nap time and at 545 tonight he was just done. so bedtime came early at 6. i sat beside her bed and we talked about tomorrow. her eyes got wide, her voice went low and breathy- her birthday? it was like, well, it was like i told her tomorrow is her birthday. i could see her brain searching for all birthday related information and the first two things she told me were that auntie jenn has a present for her, and there will be cupcakes.

the present she gets to open in the morning is from aunt katie, and i guess i need to get to figuring out a breakfast cupcake for her! im thinking something along the likes of this pumpkin cream cheese muffin with a little spiced cream cheese frosting. also, im planning to hang ribbon and a couple balloons from her door way to surprise her when she wakes up. i just wish she didnt wake so early so i could plan to be awake and catch her on camera.

so tomorrow, this sweet girl

turns three.